Zakuulan Force Focus

Zakuulan Force Focus (SWTOR Decoration)

Zakuulan Force Focus SWTOR decoration, screenshots and information!

Zakuulan Force Focus Small Floor Hook

Hook: Floor Small (Green Square)

The Zakuulan Force Focus decoration fits into a small green square floor hook.

This item can not be bought or sold on the GTN! It must be earned through achievements in the game!

Additional Info

This decoration is part of an achievement decoration set that can only be earned by completing the “All for One” achievement, which is completed by reaching Influence Level 10 with all all 4 of your Alliance Specialists, then interacting with the terminal at the start of a Star Fortress and finding all four interactable alliance Equipment Caches hidden around the Star Fortress.

When you complete the achievement you receive this decoration and three others x50 – there used to be a bug that would grant x999 though.

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