Model Star Fortress

Model Star Fortress (SWTOR Decoration)

Model Star Fortress SWTOR decoration, screenshots and information!

Hook: Centerpiece (Giant Purple Square)

The Model Star Fortress decoration fits into a giant purple square floor hook with beams of light.

This item can not be bought or sold on the GTN! It must be earned through achievements in the game!

Additional Info

This special achievement decoration can only be earned by completing the “Fallen Knights of the Empire” achievement, which is completed by killing each of the individual 24 Paladins in the Star Fortresses. 1-2 Paladins randomly show up out of a possible 3-4 per Star Star Fortress, so it will take multiple runs to find them all. You also get the Fallen Knight title when you complete this achievement.

When you complete the achievement you receive this decoration x10.

Dulfy Achievement Guide

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