Commander Tassar Holo (SWTOR Decoration)

Commander Tassar Holo SWTOR decoration, screenshots and information!

Commander Tassar Holo Small Floor Hook

Hook: Floor Small (Green Square)

The Commander Tassar Holo decoration fits into a small green square floor hook.

Uprising Decorations

Uprisings are a type of group content similar to flashpoints. You can not access Uprisings until you reach level 70, and you must be subscribed to join them through the groupfinder (you can be preferred and join them with a pre-made group).

Additional Info

It’s unclear if this decoration is actually available ingame. Have you seen this deco? Post it in the comments below or contact me @swtorista on twitter!

I have run the Landing Party Uprising over 15 times and not once have I seen this decoration drop. I have also checked GTN for the past week and have not seen it either. By comparion, I’ve seen holo decoration drops from Crimson Fang and Inferno Uprising multiple times, as well as on the GTN.

So, the question is – does it exist at all, just with a really low drop rate? Please post if you have seen this decoration on live.

Commander Tassar Holo – has anybody seen this decoration? from swtor

Do you have a screenshot of the Commander Tassar Holo decoration?

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