SWTOR May Insider Video + Strongholds Video Breakdown & Screenshots

SWTOR Producer Jack Wood and Community Manager Eric Musco offer an inside look at the latest exciting news for Galactic Strongholds Digital Expansion including the first look at pets inside homes, speeders up close and the transformation of an empty room into one filled with trophies and decorations.

No new news was released, however there were some great new shots we haven’t seen form Strongholds before. Things of interest include…

Pets! At least four are seen together in the same room in close proximity to each other, taking up about “one square” each, including a flying pet.

A speeder inside the house! The Kalakar Strike Fighter Simulator is demoed in the Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace.

Another view of the outside of the Nar Shaddaa home as well as a possible outside of the Tatooine home, which may be a sandcrawler.

May Insider SWTOR Player Housing Screenshot Highlights

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strongholds-may-insider-tatooine-homestead-sandcrawler strongholds-may-insider-speeders strongholds-may-insider-pets strongholds-may-insider-nar-shadaa-sky-palace

May Insider SWTOR Player Housing Screenshots w/ Out Annotations

Click to images to open in lightbox. These include shots we have seen before but were repeated in the video.

player-housing-may-insider2 player-housing-may-insider3 player-housing-may-insider4 player-housing-may-insider5 player-housing-may-insider6 player-housing-may-insider7 player-housing-may-insider8 player-housing-may-insider9 player-housing-may-insider10 player-housing-may-insider11 player-housing-may-insider12